Senior CNC Technician / Programmer

Location :
Doylestown, PA, USA

Job Summary

Perform CNC production cell functions with minimal supervision to meet corporate product and process development needs and objectives with minimal supervision. This position includes the Programming, Set up and Operation of Small Lot CNC Production Cell equipment, primarily Swiss Type Automatic CNC Lathes, under limited supervision. Superior production quality is required and operator verification via dimensional and visual inspection to be performed. Good verbal and written communication with other departments including Engineering, PIC and Quality along with team members is required.

Essential Functions
Program, set up and operate CNC production cell equipment with minimal supervision; multi-axis Swiss Type automatic lathes with sliding head stock and related automated tube and magazine bar feeders to produce superior quality product.
Inspect product to ensure conformance using optical comparator, dial calipers, micrometers, thread gages, plug gages, etc.
Standard and macro programming of machines using Fanuc, TB DECO, Partmaker and other software.
Safely operate equipment including standard lathes, mills, grinders and saws
Read, understand and follow drawings, work instructions and procedures including identification and segregation of non-conforming items.
Request and obtain tooling including using VMI system
Works well with Engineering, Planning and other departments to meet customer expectations
Handles all material and part movement into, through and out of the cell.

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